BigladClique is a Music group/Friend group.
BigladRico (the owner) has been making music since he was just 9 years old...
BigladBram (the co-owner) Had never made music, until Rico kept telling him  "come on, i just wanna make a track together!"
the BigladClique is inspired by GothBoiClique (lil peep, lil tracy. all that stuff)
Rico is inspired by such people as: Lil peep, Lil Tracy, iamjakehill, Josh A, and other emo rap/ emo trap artists.
Bram is inspired by artists such as: Powfu, lil peep, and a lot of lo-fi hip hop/ lo-fi rap.
if you wanna see all the (current) members, 
Click HERE

"you" a song that Rico made, the beat was made by Oceanbeats (on soundcloud) and the background vocals are ivrii (on soundcloud)
Rico took this beat, made lyrics and recorded his vocals 10 times,
he layerd the vocals a lot, and it turned out pretty good :)
you can listen to it here
Spotify and that stuff coming on 10 october!


like mentioned before, this is a music group.
so.... we make music! 

our spotify is:  BigladClique 
our other socials can be found here: SOCIALS
members can be found here : MEMBERS


This site is still under construction
so some stuff might not work as intended!

if you wanna ask us something, you can DM us on instagram!